Fountain (2021) is an artificial means to catharsis and healing. I was inspired by multissensorial experiences where sensory overload brings me to a point of stress relief, peace of mind, and — consequently — healing. My goal with Fountain was to create a space separate from reality where such catharsis could be replicated. In this small room where one should only enter with those who they are most intimate with, the viewer’s senses are overwhelmed with the lights, sound, and the touch of the water. And so, Fountain provides a quiet, peaceful haven from the outside world with its own private atmosphere. Through the cycle and the reparative powers of water, the installation provides escapism and healing for the participants.
Fountain was exhibited from December 6, 2021 through December 10, 2021 at "Do Not Prop Doors Open. You May Be Inviting Unwanted Guests": Undergraduate Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition at Addams Gallery, University of Pennsylvania.

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